I am more of a U.S. American than I thought

According to „Nothing For Ungood“, German men carry their coins in a purse, but do not wear their cell phone on a belt. If you go by these categories, I am not a German at all since I carry my coins in my trouser pockets, but use a leather case and a belt clip for my phone.

As for the coins, the reason is that I once broke a plastic bank account card because I had too many coins in my wallet (like every man, I wear my wallet in the back pocket of my trousers, which limits the number of things you can stuff into it).

I agree that wearing your phone on your belt may make you look like a dork, at least that’s what many women think here in Germany. Anyway, I think that the advantages are worth it, and yes, I do feel the vibration alert when wearing my phone on the belt. I also couldn’t put it in my trouser pockets, since that space is occupied by the coins (left) and my keys (right) which would scratch the surface of my cell phone…